Post Número Uno

Hello and welcome! 

My name is Anna, I’m 22 and a 4th and final year BSc Management Sciences and Spanish student at the University of Southampton and I’m originally from Bath. (I can’t help but think that introduction sounds like I’m on Take Me Out… Paddy McGuiness where you at?)

This blog is part of the ongoing assessment of the UOSM2008 module, ‘Living and Working on the Web’ which I chose because I decided that I would like to start and maintain a blog not only as a form of self-expression but also to learn how to gain, maintain and market my online presence in this digital age that we live in. And the fact that it’s 100% marked by coursework and has minimal contact hours doesn’t hurt either.

I’m not entirely sure what I want to go into after I graduate, although I probably should have some sort of idea by now, but I do know that whatever I end up doing, it will inevitably involve the Internet, so why not start learning more about it now? I have done a self-test which evaluates where you’re at with regards to social media/online skills prior to beginning the module which will be completed at the end to see how far we’ve come.

That’s it for my first official post, until next time.




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