Topic 1: Reflective Summary

At the end of my initial research and consequent blog post, I firmly decided that I fell more into the terms of Digital Natives and Immigrants due to the flawed point I noted in Cornu and White’s discussion.

However upon reading and commenting on other blog posts, I softened my approach and am now more lenient towards the Visitor/Resident notions, but from my reflection I have come to the conclusion that just because there are two distinct theories, this does not mean one has to choose one and reject the other. Can we not be both a Native and a Resident? Or contrastingly, a Native and a Visitor? Or an Immigrant and a Resident?

Perhaps I feel this way because the emergence of the Visitor/Resident theory was built upon that of the Native/Immigrant idea, and therefore it fills in certain gaps of Prensky’s original works, however the thematic underpinnings remain of a similar tone.

From reading Online with Hayley‘s post, I gained a better understanding of Prensky’s limitations that previously I had overlooked, so that in itself also helped guide me to a more accepting response towards Cornu and White’s analysis.

Judging by other’s posts, it is apparent that we, as a collective of ‘Natives’ and millennials, feel that when applying the Visitor/Resident spectrum to ourselves, we adhere to the notion that it is indeed a spectrum as we could not identify as solely one or the other because the labels we identified with varied depending on the site in question, its role and our intended use from it. For example, I am very much a Resident on Facebook and Twitter, using them daily as a primary source of information and socialising, whereas I am a Visitor to food blogs, using them only when I need to find a recipe, to only never return to the website again once I have got what I came for. Similarly on Melina Linden‘s blog, we agreed that it is very difficult to position ourselves as one or the other.

For me personally, although I feel that I do fall onto the Visitor/Residence spectrum, I feel like I am a Digital Native too because I cannot help but identify with and understand fully the reasoning behind Prensky’s work.

Does it have to be one or the other?


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