Topic 2: Reflective Summary

It was refreshing to note that other people echoed the same sentiment as myself with regards to multiple online identities as being authentic and a single identity inauthentic. In Hannah Press‘s blog, she reinforced my initial thoughts that multiple online personas reflect everyday life in the sense that we alter elements of our personalities to be appropriate for the situations that we find ourselves in.

Having said this, Hannah’s post also made me consider that perhaps there are certain inauthenticities when it comes to having multiple online personas that I had previously overlooked. She used an analogy of a TV programme,’Catfish’, where people literally take on other individuals’ identities to communicate with other people online, leading them to think they are someone else – essentially committing identity fraud. I had not considered that multiple online identities could also refer to taking on other people’s identities; I had limited myself into thinking that it was more about creating different personalities of oneself. E.g. a fitness guru on Instagram, political activist on Twitter and a business savvy entrepreneur on LinkedIn.

This revelation led me to think further about the dangers that occupying multiple online personas can cause, which in turn made me contemplate that if in fact multiple personas online are inauthentic, then in some cases they are also a threat because they can be used to purposely deceive people and commit serious crimes.

Reading Melina Linden‘s blog post also made me consider the notion of control online, as she quoted a documentary that said “anything that’s been digitised is not private” which again made me re-evaluate my earlier rejection of the idea of having a single online identity, because surely that would be easier to control in terms of privacy, than various personas on various accounts. However this is not to say that total privacy control can ever be achieved, so I came to the conclusion that “based on the privacy concern, it seems as if it doesn’t really matter if we have multiple or just one online identity because we are never going to be 100% able to protect our privacy online.”


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