Topic 3: Reflective Summary

Before researching this topic, I hadn’t considered how useful it could be to have a blog in helping with the job hunt process and I agreed with Hayley‘s post when she said that having a blog was also another way to enhance authenticity online. I had touched upon how blogging contributes positively to a digital footprint, but I hadn’t taken into account that it makes you appear more authentic also as it shows potential employers that you have constructive ideas to contribute and emphasises your personality, so you come across more personable online as it allows you to be creative and express yourself. I had noted that engaging online through Twitter and LinkedIn can enhance your professional online authenticity, but from reading Hayley’s post I realised that this can also be done via blogging.

I thought it was very important from Hayley’s post that she stressed that social media should be used merely as a tool to aid the job hunt process and that it hasn’t (as of yet) completely replaced the more traditional method of job applications and recruitment. Using online mediums to recruit has only just begun to rise, so I felt it was appropriate that she had mentioned that job hunters shouldn’t solely rely on methods via the Internet. Upon thinking on this further, from my own Twitter feed I’ve noticed that most jobs advertised online are for entry level/graduates, so perhaps employers are beginning to use social media for recruitment more for younger people because they know this is a highly accessible way to reach millennials as it is so popular to them. From this, it’s likely that in the future this will become a highly normal recruitment method.

I really liked Hannah‘s point that “although you are unlikely to get hired because of your Facebook page, you could easily be fired because of something on it” as I felt that cleverly summed up my own thoughts about maintaining professionalism, or at least an awareness of being cautious, across all social media channels, given that if employers are increasingly using online portals to recruit, we should be more responsible online so that we showcase ourselves in only positive ways and avoid posting anything NSFW that may affect our employability.


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