Adiós UOSM2008


I chose the ‘Living and Working on the Web’ module because I wanted to do something different from the context of my degree and doing something online-based in the digital era in which we now live really appealed to me. I have learnt so much about various Internet-related issues and developed opinions from my own research and other blogs to establish my own stance on them. I furthered my creativity skills by using various platforms to enhance my blog, including incorporating elements aside from YouTube and gifs to things I had never done before, such as making infographics, which I particularly enjoyed, and creating a PowToon video, which I had never even heard of before. From the feedback after each topic, I feel like I took the critique on board and improved every time…except for the whole word count thing, I guess I just have a lot to say.

Here’s my end of module self-test to compare the change in my online skills since the start of the module:

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 13.53.15

I think these skills improved because the module encouraged me to go beyond what I was already doing online, whether it were by engaging more with others, using alternative sources or blogging through new creative methods. This module helped me fall back in love with Twitter as I had used it nearly everyday since I was 17, and then in my second year I stopped using it as much, but now I am back to using it frequently again which I am very pleased about.

I am definitely a lot more cautious now with regards to what I post on social media purely based on what I learnt on this module, and I have altered some security settings because of the topic on employability, however I have made my Instagram public now to feature on my blog so I’m not sure if this a step backwards or not!

My favourite post had to be Topic 4, ‘Tweeting Your Business’ because I am very passionate about freedom of speech and I found the background reading and cases of dismissal because of misconduct online to be extremely interesting. It was also the first time I used PowToon for my reflective summary.

I have learnt how to build my online profile and awareness using different mediums, and how to use blogs/social media to promote and market myself online, which were my aims for this module. You can view my synopsis of my UOSM2008 journey via Prezi here.

I want to continue blogging after graduating and I believe now that I will, because I have enjoyed the creative side as well as the discussion and analysis, however I will probably choose to blog more about my personal areas of interest and the industry I aspire to work in. Oh yeah, and without a word limit.large-1

Thanks #UOSM2008, adiós.




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