mood board: bedroom

A matching & random feel is what I’m working towards in my new home. This look is so hard to explain but it’s great because it looks put together but there is a real touch of individuality in every piece – you can see that everything has been carefully selected for a specific reason. Try to stick to the same colour palette to make it neat – I go for black, dark brown, silver, rose gold & teal. It’s enough variety to be free but it also adds criteria and a limit so that the room doesn’t look out of control. It feels messy and beautiful and undone, but also put together and unique.

Anthropologie is a perfect example of this and is where I get most of my inspiration from. To me, that brand also has a touch of ┬áLatin flair, which is something I try to add wherever I can. In my next interior post I’ll include pictures of my new room and hopefully there will be a few of the items there that are in this mood board.