Exoticizing Ethnicity and Race

From the eyes of students

While western media has begun to incorporate racial diversity and representation, in TV shows or in advertisements, the efficacy of this incorporation is lost in the context that these racially diverse characters are placed in. Obvious or blatant racism and racialisation may no longer be observed, yet more subtle forms of it certainly exists that nonetheless exercises influential impact (52 Pearson). Women in magazines and pornography are systemically categorized according to their race or cultural heritage; Asian women into one category and Latina women into another. This effectively forces depictions of racially diverse women into highly exoticized niches, where their exoticism is fetishized and eroticized. By doing so, these women are demoted to an object which men may then project their desires upon and confined singularly to their racial definition.

Advertisements also tend to make the blatant and racist mistake of portraying non-white women in what advertisers believe to be…

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